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Monthly Archives: May 2010

We spend so much time in our lives getting to know other people, but what about getting to know ourselves?

The one person you can never see from an external viewpoint is you. In fact you may be completely oblivious about the things you do until someone else points them out or you see them for yourself.

It is this lack of self perception that forces us to look to others to ascertain where we stand. Without comparison how do you know if you are smart, fast, tall or any other characteristic? If you were the only person on the planet you would never have any way of knowing, because those characteristics are relative to other people.

As we go through life we learn a lot about ourselves. Characteristics we believed we had may prove false while others we never knew existed might manifest themselves.

One thing is for certain… you as a person are not static. The events of every day continuously change you causing a gradual evolution from one form to the next. Hopefully… you’re learning and getting better each day.