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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Heavy Rain

Every now and then again you get something that’s totally profound. Heavy Rain is video game that completely blurs the line between movie and video game. The trailer that was released somewhere in 2006 blew a lot of people away with its intensity and frankness.

The game only recently shipped, but pretty much everyone says the script is adult. This is not to say its got nudity, but rather its very mature in its tone. Two videos follows. The first is the amazing amazing E3 ‘Casting Trailer’ that was made quite some time ago.

The second is an ‘interesting’ part of the final game. Looks very fascinating but sadly it’s only on PS3. Really it is one of those games you just HAVE to play if you’re a gaming enthusiast.

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Hulk at Church

Hulk... Smash!

So I’ve been pretty pissed off lately, a trend I don’t see going away anytime soon. The chief reason was this lameness with some chick. Total lame.

Anyway I’m just plain ashamed at what happened and how weak I ended up becoming. It was plain pathetic and I don’t think I can really forgive myself anytime soon.

Unfortunately being pissed off means you lash out at people, trash stuff and generally don’t focus very well. Yeah I haven’t done anything constructive in a while and it’s not cool.

On other news I actually started reading that copy of the King James II Bible I had lying around. God knows how it ended up in my possession. 😉 Anyway the beginning was plain lame. I got to that point in the story about Hem seeing Noah naked after he decided to get drunk on wine in his tent and collapse in the buff and thought it was all a bit strange. Hem told his brothers what he had seen and his brothers walked backwards with a sheet to cover his ‘nakedness’. But once the dude Noah woke up he was all like “I curse your sons for seeing me naked Hem. They shall be the servants to  your brothers” Ok… wha?

Then there was also that whole Eve was created from a rib business, which I think is incorrect since scientifically I believe it is somewhat established that all life is female before being modified in to being  a male. The useless titties on men are evidence of this.

I really didn’t want to read more, but I just forced myself to go on. Once I got to the story about Babel and the tower it seemed somewhat fascinating. So I’m not giving up on it yet.

I must laugh at the words ‘she-ass’ and ‘he-ass” which are used to describe donkeys! I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it though…

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Why do some women just insist on being so damn thing? Like for example I saw this movie recently with Jennifer Love Hewitt and she was so damn thin. Fine a six pack and all is great… but what is the point if your face looks like Skeletor?

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Drop 'DEAD' Gorgeous

I just don’t get the trade off here. I always thought a little fleshy and TONED was a lot better than an actual six pack… the thought of which on a women is somewhat gross to me.


I like singing songs that come easily to me. The topics are various as a result.

Yes I’m gay and I’m a pansy. Now I’ve got flowers to pick… so excuse me, I’d better get to it.

Man I gotta get to the gym and bulk up like ASAP!

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Bite My Shiny Metal Ass

Trying to prove or disprove God is seemingly impossible.  But assuming that God is real I still have a major beef with the organised religions of the world.

Think about your grandpa or maybe great grandpa. Did he come from a time when women mostly stayed at home and did the cooking and cleaning? No? Well then think about his grandpa and I’m sure the answer is definitely yes. Now imagine your old ancestor came down today and saw all these women running about all independent like. He might start clamouring for them to get back to the kitchen.

Would you listen to him and start rounding them up? I doubt it. Well from our perspective he’s from a point of view that is largely dead or forgotten. But now think about the guys who wrote your holy Bible, Quran, Torah etc. Those guys are from an age even the dinosaurs probably forgot and would make the previously mentioned ancestor seem like the “Hipster”!

People seem to harp on about how good ‘ancient’ texts are… but really? Old just means it’s out of date and since no one can make amendments it remains that way. I mean is the dictionary from 1957 ‘better’ than the one from 1967?

The truth is in my opinion, long ago some enlightened/educated/scientific men in more than one civilization created ‘holy books’ that were to dictate the most suitable way of living. They threw God in to the mix to give the book additional weight, after all without the Fear of the Almighty, who the heck is going to follow some lame rulebook? You guessed it… no one.

What’s even stranger is that if there was some almighty divine creator that he/she/it would actually come down and pass a message that could be comprehended and written down as a book. That just sounds unlikely and farfetched. Really if there is a God I’m betting all the religions have got it completely wrong and have missed the point entirely.  Sticking to what was correct eons ago doesn’t make much sense to me.

Case in point, there seems to be all this evidence of how scientific the Quran is. Yes, indeed one of the rules is not to eat Pork. Why… because it’s an unclean animal apparently.  Well actually there is good reason to not eat pork. Back then they couldn’t cook the fat ass pig very well and so sickness would have been more common. But even today there is reason to not eat pork and that is because it has a lot of fat in it which makes it tasty and also clogs up your arteries. I don’t think that was a message from God, but more likely some dudes’ scientific observation.

Circumcision is yet another ‘divinely message’ that is also found in Torah as well. I don’t know what reason is given to justify the process, but there are definitely benefits which are mostly reducing disease though other ancillary benefits do exist.

I just don’t see the work of any ‘God’ here.

And you know what else… I just have no idea why God is such a vain being that he commands complete and utter devotion to ‘him’. Respect the entity… fine. But get down on your knees and pray? Ask for forgiveness? Hmm…

I leave you with the best definition of God I have ever seen. I find it far more realistic, rational and believable than any other. This is from the Episode “Godfellas” of Futurama. In the episode Bender has organisms growing on his body as he floats through space. These eventually evolve in to humanoids and he becomes their God. Needless to say he fails and they all die. This is the scene that follows.

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Gears of War 2 Cover

A great game that expands greatly on the original Gears of War. Lots of visceral gore and bone crunching action makes it quite a satisfying experience for those with a little sadistic touch!

Anway… I’ve always loved this scene in Gears of War 2.  It really goes to show just how far video games have come since their early days. If you haven’t played the game and are planning to, don’t watch it. Seriously just play it.

In this scene, Dom after looking for his wife since the first game finally meets up with her. My friend and I were not expecting this after having played through Gears of War 1 together as well, we were kinda expecting the typical happy reunion and ‘awww’ moments…

Anyway this scene has great voice acting especially from Carlos Ferro as Dom while John DiMaggio (Bender from Futurama) as Fenix does his usual gruffness. The music as always is also great.


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The Hooded Man

I’ve always had a thing for archery since I was little which shouldn’t be surprising with the classic Robin Hood going on TV. But I remember my uncle giving me a makeshift bow made from only a stick and string and I loved it. Played with it till it obviously like all new toys… it broke!

Other characters who used the bow include Rambo, The Green Arrow, Turok Dinosaur Hunter, and Nicholas Cage in ‘The Weatherman’ among others that I can’t remember.


Rambo hunting fish

So I thought about going for archery classes and Googled it. Pretty soon I came across the Colombo School of Archery which has classes that have already begun. No biggie since I’m not in a hurry to do it really.

But just a few days after this, I’m at the BMICH and I see a man and woman practicing in one of the grassy areas with their bows. I quickly run to them and ask to hold the bow. It was surprisingly heavier than I thought it would be and the string was pretty hard to pull back. You’d need to be strong to wield the bow properly. I watched them doing that long shot… you know the one like artillery where you shoot upwards to have it land further than a straight shot. Cool stuff.

I knew the bow itself would cost a fortune. I thought like 6,000 or maybe 20,000 rupees. So I ask the dude and he’s like…. “200,000!” and I’m like “Oh…shit! Aren’t there cheaper bows?” “No…” he says. But fortunately if you go to the academy they provide you with one for training. So if you’re good then you can buy one. Anyway the two practicing were professionals who represented Sri Lanka as Archers. Pretty coincidental bumping in to them like that.

Hand gun sign

Bang...You're dead!

Lastly a random tale my barber in the UK told me about archers. He was explaining a hand sign apparently used by archers.

According to him archers on the castle walls made a gesture that was like the ‘hand-gun’ when enemy soldiers approached the castle  (in old England I believe). The reason he said was that when archers were captured by enemy forces the index and middle finger were cut off before they were released. Why? Because without those two fingers you can’t pull the strings on your bow.

So it was a gesture that pretty much said “I’ve got my fingers bitch… you’re dead!”


Taken right off my screen!

Well after playing Wolverine Origins (the game) and seeing a perfect 3D reconstruction of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine sans his shirt… I wanna have a body like that! All guys can work out… but not everyone looks this good. Some bodies pack on muscle in an ugly manner… but the Jackman is perfect in my opinion. Also massive props for pulling off a hairy muscular body on the big screen and still having women love you!

Of course to get such a body quite a gruelling task is required involving three hours of exercise a day, a controlled diet that heavily features boiled food and avoiding other indulgences….

I tackle this song once again with only vocals.

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