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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Avatar Poster

The hype machine is in full swing for James Cameron’s latest offering, but is it really that good? I offer you three perspectives instead of one!

Movie Snob:

The movie sucks. It was clearly designed as a vehicle to promote Cameron’s new effects company, hence it being effect laden throughout. The story is completely predictable and is a common rehash of a hundred other movies you’ve already seen.  The first half of the film is boring, you might find yourself yawning. The second half is full of action sequences that are pretty impressive if you’re in to heavy CGI based action, otherwise you’re out of luck. If Cameron was really serious about making Avatar as a movie alone, he would probably have told it as a cartoon instead. As it stands its a great graphics promo with a pretty average story. Take lots of popcorn.

The best character was undoubtedly the female lead Neytiri followed by Jake the male lead. Something done right, though one initial ‘romance’ dialogue should make just about anyone gag. Giovanni Ribisi goes to waste as a typical corporate head man. Sigourney Weaver does pretty well however, unlike Michelle Rodriguez who plays a typical, typical role. The General character was also incredibly generic and shallow.

The main music theme incidentally sounds uncannily like that from Enemy of the Gates while the rest gets the job done. No surprise, as they are both done by James Horner.

The movie should join the league of technically impressive but lackluster films that include Star Trek 1 and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Though honestly its far better than those two movies which are just plain boring.

Dude Guy:

Oh my God… the movie ROCKS!! So much cool graphics everywhere. I’ve never saw anything like that in my life! The first part was kinda slow, but the second part was wicked cool! So many flying things and robots and stuff blowing up, and graphics… did I mention graphics? Awesum! The story was cool. I luved all the characters, especially the general… he was SO EVIL! Best movie of the year!! 10/10


The movie is a resounding success with massive box office returns. Reviews are positive enough and reception is amazing. The massive budget is an incredible risk, but the movie delivers everything the audience wants leaving them pretty satisfied. The variety of characters and animals provides plenty of ammunition for merchandising, especially toys for kids. 8/10 Because of the snow in the US and the high budget.


Yep… a music less version of this song. Don’t ask me what the green box is… I don’t know what it is. Peace y’all.

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I can still remember the day, a gay guy tried to hit on me. Not very nice. Not very nice at all!

This guy I knew kept telling me to stay for the Wednesday afternoon IT class. I was like nah… I prefer it on Friday. Later on in the day when I was looking at the time table again on a notice board he comes up next to me and says…

“Aney… why don’t you stay for the Wednesday afternoon class?” He said it in a really nasal gay voice. But that wasn’t all he did! This guy actually caressed my bare arm at which point I moved it away faster than lightning… and when I say faster than lightning I do not exaggerate.

Awkward… awkward. I felt all tingly… like I got electrocuted. I felt strange. Anyway I move away after a bit and inform a friend of mine who notices this guy. Still the gay guy hasn’t given up. Suddenly when I’m standing next to my friend he’s all like “Hey” and he leans on me with his hand on my shoulder. My friend with a big smile on his face decides to lean in a similar fashion on my other shoulder going “Hey”. I’m standing there in the middle with two guys on leaning me… one gay and the other straight! Pretty weird I tell you.

Anyway the gay dude finally got the hint. Afterward he ignored me for months. It wasn’t like I did anything wrong! I felt a bit bad though for some reason. Also I felt weird for a few weeks (strange odd tingling- it felt seriously WRONG!)… I wanted to surround myself exclusively with women! Eventually it passed and I actually spoke to that guy rather cautiously though. I didn’t want to ‘lead’ him on. Seriously.