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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Lamborghini, Rolex and Calvin Klein might just be some of the signs of modern day affluence for a man. While this is by no means a definitive list, a man possessing and brandishing items of such calibre would generate some kind of image amongst all concerned.

So how does marriage come in to the picture? Well in many societies (well pretty much all!) especially those that are less developed a woman might be more inclined to chose to marry a man who has more wealth. Pretty natural tendency once all romantic notions are swept aside by the harsh realities of survival. I must stress that this is by no means a definitive rule of thumb.

But in times long past, in countries like Rwanda and quite possibly other African nations the signs of wealth were vastly different. In fact a man was considered wealthy or upper class if he possessed three cows. Yes… that’s what I said… three cows. Somehow I can’t imagine any modern day woman going gaga over a man’s cows regardless of their calibre.

Now women aren’t the only ones who would be swept under the phenomenon. If you’re a man, then imagine looking over to your neighbour’s house with envy at the sight of three cows. Or should you be the lucky one, perhaps you would stand in your yard and utter “Come behold ye… gaze upon my cows and weep!”

So I suppose the times may change as do the symbols of wealth, but the people and their behaviours do not.

Disclaimer 1: Cows have probably been important across the globe in ancient times.

Disclaimer 2: Finances are always an important part of marriages for obvious reasons.